Rise and go; your faith has saved you

After few years passed from the beginning of the project, I received many requests to make the text of site more understandable and accessible to visitors unfamiliar with psychology, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. 
I'll try to translate this idea into reality. 
As I wrote earlier, the spirit, coming into our soul awakens to the life our feelings, which in turn trigger our thoughts. It starts with a continuous process of transition of feelings into thoughts, thoughts affect perception, changing feelings, those thoughts again rise and so on to infinity. Any opposition towards our own  feelings distorts awareness and  product  delusions. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because if an individual learns to accept later suppressed feelings, he gets  invaluable, personal experience. If you do not learn, there will be a familiar pathological response, which over time will cause disease. To resolve such conflicts when people could not find solutions, people had long come up with his assistant. At the start  shamans and gurus, and later the priests, and, finally, in the twentieth century - psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists. All are still involved in a common cause - an attempt to help the soul. Each, naturally, its own way, starting with individual personality and ending with a difference systems. Ways of influence on the human soul, with all the diversity of methods, there are only two - suggestions and an explanation, an extreme expression of both became - hypnosis and psychoanalysis. 

 The advantage and appeal of hypnosis are the unusual experience of a new, fast and impressive impact. The drawbacks include the temptation to turn members of the operator of hypnosis in the Messiah, and, consequently, the temptation for the operator himself - a hypnotist to identify himself with that. To purely technical deficiencies include the return of symptoms of conflict, if not eliminate the reasons for its creation. Hypnosis is doing by hypnotist, with the use of any method of concentration - watching for any object - a pendulum, a luminous point, etc. Or in motion, with a concentration on the sensation of movement. Hypnotist's function is to strengthen the focus hypnotized to the attention not be diverted to other stimuli. Accordingly, here lies the advantage and limitation - can not inspire anything against the will of the inspired. For the success of hypnosis, the hypnotist should be more sensitive than the hypnotized to feel what he wants. How often the custom, in the public mind all treated on the contrary, the hypnotist often seems endowed with magical powers and personality, which manages the others. This misconception is typical for totalitarian, authoritarian societies, and they also used. As the diving man into a hypnotic state - trance - voice of a hypnotist, phrase suggestions deepens this state and later inspire one or another set, useful for a specific person. In a hypnotic trance, a person comes into contact with their own feelings, experiences sensations similar to falling asleep or waking up, and learns from experience some sort of conscious relaxation. For this reason, to learn self-hypnosis could be enough for 10 - 12 times, all that lasts longer, and connects to the elements of the interpretation of experiences - psychoanalytic interpretation. 

  The advantage of psychoanalysis and all long-term psychotherapies, ( long-term is all that lasts for more than 24 sessions), a claim is to eliminate the causes that gave rise to conflict and, thereby, teach a person to a new level of self. The disadvantage is the huge time costs more than a simple language - the high cost, complexity, training professionals, and, sadly, often the inability of psychoanalysts to teach a person to solve internal conflict. It tries to hide behind the complexity of psychoanalytic self-development, more than a century, and the transition in an increasingly long periods of time analyzing door to new interpretations of the transfer, new forms of psychotherapy. The current situation is that despite all the criticism, not invented anything yet more progressive and new in the art of interpretation, than psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis in its classical form occurs from 4 to 6 times a week, for 45 - 50 minutes. The patient lies on a couch, behind his back or slightly to the side sits a psychoanalyst. The patient says whatever comes into his head. If something comes to mind is that he does not want - shameful, scary, boring, it is recommended to talk with an analyst about why this or that he does not want. Here the basic rule psychoanalysis - if we "hide" something in our mind from others, all solutions of the problems hide in the same place and the analysis will be ineffective. The analysis lasts from 3 to 17 years, sometimes longer, on average 5-7 years. The entire function of the psychoanalyst is to interpret - naming what he had heard from a patient in his own words - to send his understanding and vision of what he hears from the patient. The result is a new experience of the patient's perception of itself. Of these "external" effects can be noted from the memories of what joy - that important and long-forgotten, or the pleasure of making myself in a new capacity. 

  Now we could talk, what this  doctor  Sharoff created new, if created  at all. 
I think my discovery is that the whole process of functioning of the human mind can "show" any person, and quickly teach him self psychoanalytic interpretation, so that he could use their abilities and through it became the main value of psychoanalysis - the freedom of the mind, and through it spiritual freedom. As applied manifestation of the same, recovery from many illnesses. And here again we fall into the trap of human nature. Most importantly do not get sick, than to be free, and the consciousness persists in trying to reject the idea that illness is the manifestation of spiritual bondage. The disadvantage of my method to date is that instead of learning the skill self psychoanalytic interpretation, spend sometimes years to overcome the stereotypes of thinking and proof is obvious to me, but not apparent to the patient. Humanity's time to think of Copernicus in the psyche, but it is still on Ptolemy. My colleague psychoanalysts in this place and would say, because it really is psychoanalysis, and nothing new. But the new is, in psychoanalysis are looking for both an unknown solution, a particular problem, which is behind neurotic symptoms. I also teach problem-solving skills consciously. We use the main tool of psychoanalysis - associations. What I said above, can be compared to learning to read or account. You can teach each, not all will be an avid reader or mathematicians. But, learning to read, take a reading as a universal skill, you can read anything. Continuing an association can provide psychoanalysis as learning to read and read and discuss books in a row and then all together, that in itself can be fun and interesting. Look at the community of psychoanalysts - all the activity consists of reading the literature, descriptions of case histories and discussion. It looks more attractive and interesting to teach reading and to provide freedom of choice on your own. The complexity of the current time for my method is that humanity is reading a long time and takes it for granted, but to be able to consciously self-examination and through this to solve their problems - this is for the elite. How many types of analysis invented by mankind - the mathematical, economic, financial, sociological. And everyone has the same skill. But advocates of a science like the people who read one book and not knowing how to read another, although they are written in one language. Indeed the process of learning one area of knowledge is a lot of time. So, I consciously teach this skill each. The classic way from general to particular, has always more efficient than from the particulars to the general, but it always requires a new fundamental model of the universe or physics, the body or psyche. Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, Freud. I had not discovered something new - after Freud, I just found a practical application of his ideas, different from classical psychoanalysis. Again I am sorry to spend much time on learning a simple skill, so I created this project to make this easier for myself to work with  patients and people in general. Because I believe that people are talented, that knowledge can not be concealed and that the more free people on Earth, the better humanity. Without going into the theoretical basis of my method, I will only say that as an obvious and taken for granted, I use the presence of our psychic structure of the Oedipal matrix - that is, the threeadic structure of the psyche, where the unit of time our consciousness is in the respective roles of related experience in specific personality to the role of the child, father or mother. (Graphically, that triangle of the three circles at the top of every page.) Psycho freedom or ability to self-awareness implies a conscious ability to borrow on their own any of the above positions and benefit from each of the three viewpoints of the individual in contact with reality. And here, dear reader, we come to the essence of my discovery - not used if we are to perceive any life situation as me and they ", which is typical even for borderline personality, (there is such "offensive" word in psychiatry). In the more mature of the "I" in a situation of "I" they may have two positions - "so" or "different." And this is the standard for the conscious perception of humanity at the moment. So the ability to psychoanalytic self interpretation is elementary - Just realizing ourselves in the positions "so" or "different", "them", to allow myself to just be in contact with all three (there is discovery) impressions and relax to a new perception of the same. We can call it sintethic function of the psyche, but this simplification, for me such function in mind simply no exists, there is the perception and analyzing. That's all. 

That's the end of the fairy tales, and who listened well done. If you do not understand, I'm sorry, teachers are always stupider students, blinders for their own designs, simply do not know how make it easier yet. 

 Take care of yourself and stay healthy!