Rise and go; your faith has saved you

          Here I will try to explain my own method of treatment and other methods I consider to be effective.
          Let’s start from the easiest.
          Warts – vulgar warts are easily liquidated by suggestion. The owner of warts should formulate a special command against warts. This command should be in an intimate relation with person’s character. For example, “go away!”, “shoo!”, “leave me alone!” and etc. Every time a person turns attention to warts, he or she should mentally (or vocally) pronounce a formula. Warts dissolve without trace after 3-4 weeks.
          MY METHOD – every illness has its symptoms. It may be a pain, an itch, feelings of weight or pressure and other different things. Firstly, it is needed to mark a certain symptom for oneself, for example, a headache. Then “an area”, “a size” and “a direction” of pain should be imagined. After that the easiest step is left although for some people it seems to be the most difficult. You have to let your pain move the way it wants. The longer a person lets this process happen the faster pain passes away.
          The site was launched 4 months ago. During this period of time about 800 people have visited  Many thanks to all of you! The responses of visitors showed the necessity of a more detailed explanation of illness, its mechanism and treatment.
          So, let’s begin:
          Illness is an incorrect reaction of an organism to a stimulus. Convalescence is a process of gaining back the lost condition of harmony. It is similar to riding a bicycle - in case of learning it possible to regain your balance or to fall down. Falling down corresponds with illness, keeping your balance with health.
          Let’s make a short test - put a palm on your cheek!  What do you feel? Is it a cheek under your palm or is it a palm on your cheek? The main point of this trick is our conscious ability to choose an object of attention despite physical impulses that travel in both directions.
          Now let’s see another side of our consciousness – take a lemon! Then imagine this lemon. At first both images can coincide, later a real perception of a lemon and its imagination will take different places ("files ") in our consciousness.
          When a stimulus is stronger than our adaptive abilities (it’s cold – you get cold; overeating leads to pancreatitis; tension – to hypertonia, coronary thrombosis and etc.)  impulse prevails over one of the perception channels as in the test with a palm. An organism percepts a signal as a constant and adapts by the price of losing functionality. At the same time we can be involved in some activity, or we don’t know how to get warm, or obediently accept a monthly migraine as a premenstrual tension. Our organism is not “stupid”, but it can experience failures. The same as in any illness (apart from the genetic illnesses and physical traumas - here my experience is insufficient) there is a “secondary profit”, some kind of an indulgence, for example, your body temperature gets higher, but in return you can skip classes or have a rest from your job.
           Now let’s talk about the mechanism of convalescence. Instead of reaction to the image of an illness (“I have this kind of analyses and results of tests”, “doctors said…”, “I think that I have…”) , you should react directly to your feeling of an illness and control it as in a method of controlling pain. It is a transformation of the energy of illness into health, for example, instead of pain in your knees you shift to the satisfaction from riding a bicycle. How do we learn to ride a bicycle? It is the same as in the test with a palm where we concentrate our attention on the perception of the feeling but not on contemplations about it. Certainly, all of this is not so easy. Sometimes we do not succeed, sometimes we do not want to, sometimes we are not strong enough, sometimes we don’t believe – a human often acts like that. For example, while trying to get rid of myopia it is difficult to find the feeling of incorrect seeing. If the illness is severe like a pneumonia, appendicitis, sharp pain then as a doctor I am afraid of putting someone’s life under a risk. In this case antibiotics, surgery and narcotics can be used, but if illness switches to a softer state, then we can fight it ourself.  If we are conscious, consciousness can work for us and not against us!
          20.04.2008 My congratulations to all of us! I did it! I have found a
method of healing and I want to share my happiness with everybody who
supported me! Thank you all!
        Everything I was writing was true but that were only parts of
the whole; now we have a whole picture. But I want to warn you, it
will be only understood by people with „prepared soil". If a grain
falls on the rocky soil where there is a wish to understand but there
is no understanding – then it is needed to talk there, maybe together
it will be possible to grow a crop. Where time has not come yet,
pardon me, continue to search for your way.
         Now more specifically, at some places I will repeat myself,
but will try to convey the whole system. We have sense organs. While
perceiving stimulus through sense organs sensations arise in an
organism. Then by the help of consciousness feelings are created. On
the background of feelings thoughts appear. When things are going well
– this chain of events functions like that. Thoughts help to form
consequent actions, wishes, new feelings, new thoughts and so on. If a
stimulus and its perception exist but feelings are suppressed then
reaction follows. If adaptive possibilities can hold the pressure and
stimulus have passed – system returns to a normal condition, if one of
conditions - stimulus is stronger than adaptive mechanisms or
adaptation is weaker than stimulus – pathology forms (we are thankful
to doctors Sigmund Freud and Hans Selye). If situation protracts –
illness, trauma, death shows up.
         Earlier I was attempting to help by teaching how to get rid
of tension on the level of a body - therapy, biological treatment,
medical drugs, acupuncture, homeopathy. After working with drug
addiction and after psychoanalytic studies, I began to teach how to
eliminate tension on the level of feelings. And it was helpful in
every area, but still there were space for relapses, so better
mechanism was needed.
As you can see from the description we come closer to thoughts. My
method of recovery is based on the fact that from the age of three
this pyramid is controlled through managing one's thoughts. The truth
is as old as Methuselah but every time is new and for everyone will be
a discovery. It is like learning how to read or write, ride a bicycle
or swim, drive a car or pilot a fighter plane. When you can do it – it
is elementary, but until you can do it – it is difficult and for some
people impossible. How to manage and what does it mean? Observe how do
you feel your illness and what do you think about it. When you are not
ill or when you feel better, at the very moment when pain disappears
or when symptom fades away – where are your thoughts? Not „what kind"
of thoughts, although it is also important, but not the most
important, but in what „place" of your mind they are situated. The
mind is like space, there are ways, roads and destinations in it –
take the right routes and travel where you feel good, calm and
pleasant. You can think about anything but only in a pleasant way. I
am working on some even easier explanation but at the moment I can
offer only this. The most important thing – your thoughts obey you.
And this is the basis of solution. Think from the space of mind, where
there is no pain and be healthy! But I would be wrong, if I didn't say
that unfortunately or fortunately this depends on from where and who
is looking, this ability to manage thoughts depends on faith and
illness, accordingly, on disbelief. That's all folks. I love everybody
who helped!